Top Eleven Hack 2013

What is Top Eleven be a Football Manager?

Top Eleven be a Football Manager is a Facebook game where you can create your own virtual Football or soccer team. You can use your own created team to play football against your friends and other players in the league.
Play Top Eleven be a Football Manager now, and be a part of a growing community of active football and soccer managers all over the world. Play football cups, leagues and friendly matches.
The game is playable in Android, iPhone and in Facebook.
The game itself offers the following features:
1. Train your players individually and boost your team’s performance.
2. Manage your own team and finances.
3. Buy and sell players in a live bidding system.
4. Set up formations, and build specific skills to improve player’s ability.
5. Watch live matches, make substitutions, and hand out special orders during a match.
6. Track your friend’s teams and arrange some friendly matches.

How to Use

Top Eleven be a Football Manager Hack and Cheat Tool

1. Login with your Facebook account.
2. Start the Top Eleven be a Football Manager Hack and Cheat Tool.
3. Click Login to Facebook.
4. Wait for the tool to finish loading.
5. Edit the values for Fans, Cash and Tokens. (Leaving the value blank will make no change in your stat.)
6. Check Unlock all TV Rights, Sponsorships, Tickets and Bonuses Hack (optional)
6. Click “Start!“.
5. Visit Facebook Top Eleven be a Football Manager game app and check your new stats.

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